Utilizing an Injury Lawyer for a Brain Injury

January 26, 2018

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Know the Facts Concerning Brain Injuries

A brain injury can have a variety of effects and having a better understanding of this injury helps you to determine when you should consider calling an injury lawyer. You want to first learn more about how brain injuries occur. Next, learn about the different types of injuries that are possible.

How Does a Brain Injury Happen?

A head injury falls into two categories when it comes to causes: shaking and blunt force. You see shaking instances of someone being shaken violently, such as a person shaking a child. Blunt force can occur as the result of several factors, such as falls, sports-related accidents, auto accidents and physical assaults.

The severity of the injury varies greatly and this ultimately determines the symptoms and long-term consequences that a person might experience. How a brain injury impacts a person varies greatly and the type of injury plays a role too.

There is also a difference between a closed and open type. A closed type means that there is no skull fracture. If there is a fracture and penetration, this is an open type.

Exploring the Different Types of Brain Injuries

With brain injuries, there are many different types to learn more about. The most common types include:

  • A hematoma is an injury where blood or a clot collects and causes pressure.
  • A hemorrhage is an injury where there is bleeding within the brain tissue or around the brain.
  • Swelling of the brain, or edema, can result in excess pressure on the brain.
  • A concussion is an injury where the brain essentially hits the skull.
  • With a skull fracture, there is a crack in the skull.

Should You Talk to an Injury Lawyer for a Brain Injury?

You can see that brain injuries can be very serious and that there are a number of ways to sustain one. If you believe that you experienced a brain injury, make sure to visit the emergency room for a full evaluation and any necessary treatment. After this, if you believe the injury was due to someone’s negligence, consider contacting an injury lawyer to learn about your options.