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Understanding Colorado Employee Wage Laws

By May 10, 2017 February 25th, 2019 Doc's Corner, Employment Law
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Most people wouldn’t go to work if they didn’t receive a proper paycheck. There are very strict minimum wage and hour laws. These laws protect employees from being underpaid. Everyone deserves to collect a paycheck that accurately reflects the hours you work.

Lawyers Help Workers get Back Stolen Wages

Overtime pay is extra money that employees are entitled to when they work an extensive amount of hours in a day or week. Unlike minimum wage, overtime hours and regulations are federal regulations. They do not vary from state to state. Current laws require employers to pay at least time and a half whenever an employee exceeds more than 12 working hours in a day. Employers also need to pay overtime when an employee exceeds working 40 hours in a single workweek.

State regulations from the Department of Labor and Employment add to federal overtime laws.

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Other Wage Violations? Employment Lawyers Can Help!

While not receiving overtime pay is a common reason to get an employment lawyer involved, it isn’t the only one. Other wage violations can include:

  • Forcing someone to work through their meal or break period without pay.
  • Not issuing an itemized pay statement.
  • Paying below the state minimum wage.
  • Failing to provide the last paycheck when employment is terminated.

If you are not sure if your employer has violated your right to a fair wage, contact a local employment attorney at Ramos Law today.

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