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The Right To Refusal – Advice From A Workers Comp Attorney

By May 15, 2017 February 25th, 2019 Doc's Corner, Employment Law, Personal Injury
right to refusal advice from work injury lawyer in colorado

Not all jobs are safe, but that doesn’t mean that dangerous jobs can’t be done safely. Roofers need to go on roofs to get the job done, but they also need to be properly secured with a rope and harness in order to reduce the risk associated with their job. Unfortunately, not all workplaces and employers enforce these types of basic safety precautions. The majority of calls that a workers comp attorney receives in relation to workplace accidents are a result of unsafe practices.

What many workers don’t realize is that they have the right to refuse overly dangerous tasks that do not have the necessary safety precautions or procedures. Most employees are afraid of repercussions from the employer if they say no to something that has been delegated to them. It is a sad fact that many employers are aware of this and will use it to their advantage in an attempt to get more work done and cut costs.

Depending on the job, there are some aspects that can be inherently dangerous. If you are a construction worker and you need to remove asbestos from a site, there is an obvious risk of being exposed to a harmful substance. Removing asbestos is part of the job and it needs to be completed. However, removing that asbestos without a respirator and other precautionary methods is not a part of the job. If an employer is trying to force you to do something that is unsafe, then you have the right to refuse the task without concern for the security of your job.

Contact A Workers Comp Attorney In The Event Of A Workplace Accident

If you have been fired from a job because you refused unsafe work or if you have been involved in a workplace accident, it is important to contact a workers comp attorney immediately to ensure that you are properly represented. No one should be forced to do something that could cause them personal injury just for the sake of collecting a paycheck.

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