Ramos Law Supports Sober Driving

April 28, 2017

Colorado Springs

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Grand Junction

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On April 8, 2017, Ramos Law was proud to be the sponsoring partner of the Sober Driving Program for the 11th Annual Breckenridge Beer Festival. Each year, the festival showcases some of the area’s best local brewers and brings the mountain community together for a fun day of socializing and entertainment through music, food, fun and of course…beer. As part of the festivities, the city of Breckenridge wants to get the message out to attendees about the importance of responsible drinking, ESPECIALLY when it comes to getting behind the wheel of any motorized vehicle, or even a bicycle.

Ramos Law gladly accepted the request to be the Sober Driving partner for the event and met with hundreds of people throughout the day to talk about the importance of Getting Home Safe.

Ian Corella, Director of Marketing for Ramos Law, enjoyed the event and talking with attendees, “This was a great chance for us to meet a bunch of fun people and talk about the importance of making plans to get home safely before going out to party. It was so encouraging to see how many of them were on the same page with us and had already arranged to get home without driving.”