Ramos Law Loves the Burrito Project For More than Just Great Food!

April 17, 2018

Colorado Springs

(719) 309-3000

Grand Junction

(970) 287-1173

Since September, 2017 Ramos Law volunteers have joined with other people who want to “give back” to make burrito lunches every month that are taken to both the Delores Project and to homeless people in the downtown Denver area. As a team, volunteers put together the burritos, then add a bag of chips, a banana and a desert and put them all in a bag filled with love. Once completed, the bags are delivered to their destinations with smiles.

Brian Calandra, Managing Partner of Ramos Law has volunteered at the Burrito Project multiple times with his family and he says, “I grew up in restaurant business so serving people by feeding them is natural to me…it makes my heart feel great! It’s also such a wonderful teaching tool for our daughter. By her learning to serve others early in life, she can appreciate people and just how fortunate we are.”