Ramos Law Helps Build Bridges in Longmont

May 10, 2018

Colorado Springs

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Grand Junction

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Since 1980, El Comité de Longmont has served Longmont and the surrounding community by being a primary resource for members of the Latino community. Since 2013, Ramos Law has been a big part of the El Comité family by serving as a legal resource for those who’ve suffered injury or may have employment issues that they need help with. Every other week, Ramos Law office manager Joann Guillen travels to Longmont to sit and talk with community members who are in need and don’t know where to turn.

According to Ms. Guillen, “Over the last 5 years, we’ve had the chance to help so many wonderful people.  It’s amazing the commitment El Comité and all of its volunteers displays to the Latino community every single day with absolutely no expectation but to bring knowledge, health and love to those in need.”

El Comité operates and is guided by Four Pillars:

  1. Providing Legal Assistance Referrals
  2. Addressing Basic Needs
  3. Building Community Bridges
  4. Promoting Advocacy and Empowerment

Every month, over 200 people in need receive help in communicating with law enforcement to foster better understanding, walk Latinos through the voting process, educate on basic needs such as health and life skills, finances/taxes and even a weekly food pantry for those in need and those attending classes.

Click here to learn more about El Comité.