Russell O.
Araya, JD.

Personal Injury Attorney

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Russell O. Araya, JD is a Personal Injury Attorney at Ramos Law, LLC. working on cases throughout Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

Russell O. Araya, JD.

Hi, my name is Russ, and I’m from Brooklyn, New York, born and raised. I take great satisfaction in helping people, especially when they believe they don’t have a fighting chance.

As a senior assistant district attorney in my hometown, I prosecuted some of the most violent felony offenders, while reassuring terrified crime victims their perpetrators would meet justice. But my work also showed me how good people sometimes made bad decisions, and that they deserved a chance at redemption. If I could help them, I did.

My professional path led me to a Manhattan firm for a couple years, where I helped defend medical professionals, who either did their best, or fell short of the standard of care. I returned to criminal law with my own defense practice, and diplomatically leveled the playing field for my clients throughout NYC. When necessary, I zealously engaged prosecutors when they didn’t treat people with dignity.

In 2009, my wife (an acupuncturist) and I moved to Colorado for a new life. I continued my solo practice, she started hers, and we created a family with two wonderful little girls. I eventually joined a Denver firm, and balanced a caseload of civil, criminal, and traffic matters. Because the firm’s culture didn’t allow me to help people the way I was accustomed to, I sought, and was fortunate to find my home with Ramos Law.

I have the privilege, every day, to empower people with a leveraged, confident voice against responsible parties. Because I come from a long line of determined fighters, it’s ingrained in me to be a Man for Others. That’s how I was brought up, and that’s why I am a lawyer.

Please feel free to reach me anytime at (970) 408-0594 or I would be honored to help you.

Licensed in New York & Colorado
Xavier High School
New York University
Brooklyn Law School

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Russell O. Araya, JD.

Hola, mi nombre es Russ, y soy de Brooklyn, Nueva York, nacido y criado. Tengo gran satisfacción en ayudar a la gente, especialmente cuando creen que no tienen una oportunidad de luchar.

Como uno de los abogados principales de la oficina del fiscal en mi ciudad natal, enjuicié a algunos de los delincuentes más violentos, mientras que tranquilizar a las víctimas del crimen aterrorizado a sus perpetradores cumpliría con la justicia. Pero mi trabajo también me mostró que las buenas personas a veces toman malas decisiones y merecían una oportunidad de redención. Si pude ayudarlos, lo hice.

Mi trayectoria profesional me llevó a una firma de Manhattan por un par de años, donde ayudé a defender a los profesionales medicos. Volví al derecho penal con mi propia práctica de defensa, y diplomáticamente nivelé el campo de juego para mis clientes en NYC. Cuando era necesario, contraté a los fiscales con celo cuando no trataban a las personas con dignidad.

En 2009, mi esposa (una acupunturista) y yo mudamos a Colorado para una nueva vida. Continué mi práctica , ella comenzó la suya, y creamos una familia con dos niñas maravillosas. Eventualmente me uní a una firma de Denver, y balanceé un número de asuntos civiles, criminales y de tráfico. Debido a que la cultura de la empresa no me permitía ayudar a las personas de la manera que estaba acostumbrado, busqué, y tuve la suerte de encontrar a Ramos Law.

Tengo el privilegio, cada día, de empoderar a las personas con una voz apalancada y confiada contra los partidos responsables. Porque vengo de una larga línea de luchadores determinados, está arraigado en mí ser un Hombre por los Otros. Así es como fui criado, y por eso soy abogado.

Por favor, no dude en contactarme en cualquier momento al (970) 408-0594 o Me honraría ayudarle.

Licenciado en Nueva York y Colorado

Escuela Secundaria Xavier

Universidad de Nueva York

Escuela de Derecho de Brooklyn

I can’t say enough good things about Colleen. I am so thankful I got a recommendation to see her. She listened to my concerns and stayed focused on what I cared about most. She fought for me every step

Lindsay J.Boulder, CO

Colleen Calandra is an amazing and passionate lawyer who is both intelligent and extremely professional in her approach when working with clients. I sought out Colleen’s representation for an employment issue

V.S.Fort Collins, CO

Colleen and Megan have been wonderful to be on my case. I had never been in a car accident before 2/28/15 when a man ran a red light and totaled my car and after dealing with the other person’s insurance for a week

Lorna C.Denver, CO

I have been working with Colleen Calandra, JD on an employment law case for the past 8 months and she has been fantastic! At our first visit, she told me would be building “legal layers”. I did not fully understand

Christine D.Denver, Colorado
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