David Silverman, JD

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About David Silverman

Hello, my name is David Silverman. I am an attorney/consultant executing my passion of helping business people achieve their goals. Thirty years as an attorney, business owner and industry thought leader has embedded a visionary, analytical capacity coupled with functional expertise in strategic planning, rainmaking, advocacy, client relations, public policy and project management. Create your change. Manage your way to success.

Companies at every age face special challenges.

For entrepreneurs, it’s making the transition from entrepreneur to CEO. Early age companies may be evolving from a “one-man band” of friends to facing issues of delegation and accountability. For growing companies, the issue may be pace of growth and/or capital structure. Companies in rapidly changing markets face product evolution and new markets challenges.

What is the Company’s most urgent need? Is the company’s leadership all rowing in the same direction? Are the employees operating at their most efficient level? Is there an operations manual which clearly spells out the day to day processes? Are those processes designed to be profitable? Is cash flowing?