Maysie Scherer

Client Relations Specialist

About Maysie Scherer

Hi! I’m Maysie, Social Media Specialist at the Ramos Law Firm. I joined the Marketing Team at Ramos Law in 2023. I am originally from Iowa and grew up in a beautiful town along the Mississippi River with my parents and three younger siblings, but attended college and lived in Nebraska for many years where I started my career as a social media specialist in a marketing agency setting. Through my experiences, I have learned that I can make a bigger impact and bigger connections with people across social media platforms by working for a single entity, which is one of the main reasons why I came to Ramos Law. My skill sets include community outreach, copywriting, and staying on top of current social media trends. I am happy to be a part of the Ramos Law Family because of their inclusive and fun company culture!

Outside of work, I enjoy a multitude of hobbies, many of which include tuning into my creative side. Almost every weekend you can find me at my sewing or embroidery machine, working on my latest apparel, pet accessory, or DIY-gift project (gift giving is my love language!) I’m also an avid board-gamer with a collection of over 130 games (so far!) My other excessive collection is made up of vinyl records from my favorite genres, most of which I pick up while thrifting or at the many concerts and shows I attend. I am also a pet parent to an attention- and food-seeking orange cat, Monterey Jack AKA Monty with my partner Stephen, and a new aunt to my niece Renée.

Ramos Law is always here to help. If there is ever anything you need, please do not hesitate to reach out.