Israel Gutierrez

Hello! My name is Israel Gutierrez and I am a Client Relations Specialist here at Ramos Law. I am Hispanic, born and raised here in the state of Colorado. I was fortunate enough to be raised up by two amazing parents who taught me since I was young to love, respect and help others. These have always been my core values and not only because of the way I was taught but also because of my faith in God. My past experiences and encounters, have helped me to grow and develop in to the person I am today and I want to make sure that I am the person who can be there for those who are in need, and hopefully be a light to others in there time of darkness.

My journey has taken me through jobs that have allowed me to meet people of all sorts, and now it has led me to working at Ramos Law where I have encountered some of the most genuine and kind hearted people I have ever met. I can definitely tell you that the experience here is different. It’s a family, and we are all here to serve those who need help after suffering through tragic injuries. I feel I am blessed being a bilingual speaker, because that gives me the opportunity to also help those who especially struggle with the language barrier. Giving Spanish speakers the peace of mind knowing that they can give us a call and receive the treatment they need to make their experience as smooth as possible.

Most of my life I have lived a very active lifestyle. On my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, playing sports, embarking on a new adventure, traveling, or even just spending time with my family and friends, I enjoy making memories with the people I love and living a life experiencing new things. I strive to make a difference in the world around me and being the best version of myself in all aspects of life.

“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” – 1 Corinthians 10:31

After an accident in November 2013 I visited an injury firm that left me feeling gross and more of a notch in their belt then a real person. Gladly I didn’t go with them but instead sign with the Ramos Injury Firm

Olivia F.Littleton, CO

The Ramos Injury Firm has been amazing by helping me get through this tough time. They set me up with an amazing physical therapy team where I get chiropractic care along with massages

Theresa H.Aurora, CO

I was rear ended by an uninsured driver at 45mph which resulted in severe damage to my car and injuries to myself and my passengers.

Dori S.Denver, CO

My experience with the Ramos Injury Law Firm was excellent. Dr. Ramos & Meghan are so caring & compassionate. My entire family was in a very serious auto accident. We sustained multiple injuries

Brandi O.Colorado
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