Alyssa Elaine Collins

Accounts Payable Supervisor

About Alyssa Collins

Hi there! My name is Alyssa Collins. I am the Accounts Payable Supervisor at the Ramos Law Firm. I joined Ramos Law in 2021 because I wanted to work in an environment where making a difference in people’s lives is first and foremost. I’ve lived in Northern Colorado most of my life where I’ve worked in a variety of fields from restaurants to construction. After traveling around Europe for a few months on my own, I met my now-husband and we moved to Florida for a few years. I got my start in accounting working at a Detox and treatment center in Fort Lauderdale. Through my experiences, I have learned that stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself is always rewarding. The most important lesson that I have learned throughout my career is to trust but verify. I am happy to be a part of the Ramos Law Family because of what they stand for and practice. I believe everyone here cares deeply about our clients and wants the very best for them.

I enjoy being with my family and friends, cooking, traveling, cross-stitching, and reading. My husband and I recently bought a house and have enjoyed making it our own with DIY projects on the weekends.

Ramos Law is always here to help. If there is ever anything you need, please do not hesitate to reach out.