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Local Hero Melissa Masur Fights For Her Job After Reuniting Husband and Wife

(3/4/19) UPDATE: 

Today Melissa and our team met with the City of Bloomfield to discuss her job status.  She was told that Broomfield is still investigating the events but she still remains on leave and cannot return to work.  The City said it would let her know if she is terminated within the next 30 days.  Again, we are encouraging all to contact the City of Broomfield to encourage them to allow Melissa to keep her job.

People First. Always.

Every “case” is someone’s real-life story. These stories involve real people who are going through difficult and oftentimes tragic life situations. From a legal perspective, some cases seem easy…others difficult. Some seem very clear-cut while others take time to decipher. Every once in a while, we meet someone whose story is so compelling that we feel we have an absolute obligation to see what we can do to help. Such is the case with Ms. Melissa Masur.

Melissa was recently recognized by Fox 31 as a “hero” of sorts when she found a necklace in the lost and found of her employer, the Paul Derda Recreation Center and reunited it with its owner. As it turns out, the charm on the necklace contained the ashes of the owner’s deceased husband. Upon receiving the necklace the owner said, “I thought I had lost this forever…I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have this back. It’s absolutely priceless to me”.

Following her incredible act of kindness and going far beyond the measures most employees would, Melissa was recently told she’ll be fired from her job at the Paul Derda Recreation Center on March 4, 2019. According to Masur, the reason for the recreation center’s decision to terminate her is due to the process she went through to reunite necklace and owner. In order to get the word out to as many people as possible, Melissa reached out on social media and also contacted Fox 31 to see if it would put the story out to its viewers.

When representatives from her employer learned that she had included local media as part of the plan to find the owner of the necklace, they informed her that they would be terminating her employment. We hope you agree with us that if anything, Melissa Masur deserves additional recognition for representing her employer and her community in the most thoughtful and compassionate way possible.

If you’d like to support Melissa in her efforts to keep her job, please contact the City of Broomfield to let them know they should NOT be terminating her for this reason.

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