Your Manager Can be Individually Sued for Wage Theft

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your manager could be sued for wage theft in colorado

Under the Colorado Wage Act, the company’s owner, a manager, or another individual with operational control who is directly responsible for the employing company’s failure to pay wages.

Some examples of employees not being paid their wages are as follows:

  1. When employees are called back to work during their lunch without recording it as work time;
  2. When employees are asked to perform work while clocked out;
  3. When employees change into work uniforms while clocked out;
  4. When an employer discourages overtime but the employee cannot finish his/her work in the time allotted; and
  5. When an employee works after business hours responding to emails, text messages, and phone calls.

Also, under Colorado law, a plaintiff seeking to recover directly from a corporate executive can do so if they can “pierce the corporate veil.” In order to do so, the court held, a plaintiff would need to prove:

  • The corporation is the “alter ego” of the officer;
  • The officer used the corporation to perpetrate a fraud; and
  • An equitable result will be achieved by disregarding the corporate form and holding the officer personally liable.

What does this mean? A company’s owner, a manager, or another individual with operational control can be sued for not preventing wage theft and ensuring the company follows Colorado wage laws.

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Colleen T. Calandra, JD, LLM

Colleen T. Calandra, JD, LLM

Colleen Calandra is a Denver employment law attorney offering assistance for employees in cases such as workplace discrimination, unpaid wages and wrongful termination.
Colleen T. Calandra, JD, LLM

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