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If you live in Colorado, you know all too well the destruction a hail storm can cause. Colorado’s Front Range is located in the heart of “Hail Alley” and is usually called the Hail Capitol because of the severe hail storms that occur. Living along the Front Range from Pueblo to Ft. Collins means you are in the zone that has more large hail incidents than anywhere in North America. Hail damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles should be something that is easily handled by your insurance company under your policy; however, many insurance companies are less than willing to pay what they owe you. The most common way insurers try to save money is by dragging their feet or mishandling claims, resulting in delays and denials that can leave policyholders on the hook for costly repairs.

Home and auto insurance policies are very complex documents and many insurance companies will use your unfamiliarity with it against you. If you feel your insurer is not operating within your policy’s contract, seeking professional legal assistance is your best option against an insurance company that isn’t playing fair after filing a claim.

If your insurance company has denied your hail damage claim, delayed resolving your claim, or offered less than what your claim is worth, the experienced insurance claim attorneys at Ramos Law are here to advocate for you in unreasonable delay or denial claims! We have gone up against powerful insurance companies on behalf of countless clients and we can help fight for the compensation you are entitled to.

Steps to Take After Hail Damages Your Property

Whether it was your home, commercial property, or vehicle that suffered damage, these are the steps to take:

1. File a Claim

The first thing you need to do after suffering property damage is to contact your insurance provider. They will guide you through their claims process and get any information they need from you.

2. Get an Estimate of the Damage

Have the damage inspected by a public adjuster or roofing company for your home or an auto repair shop for your vehicle. Insurance companies will often try to get away with paying a lower amount than what it will actually cost to repair the damage; getting an estimate will help you to know whether or not to challenge their decision. You have the freedom to choose who you go to for an estimate, you do not have to select one that your insurance company sends you to.

3. Follow Up with Your Insurer and Leave a Paper Trail

Work with your insurance company and do your due diligence with them first. Insurance companies may push off the investigation multiple times to try to avoid settling the claim, hoping you just pay to fix the damage yourself. If you feel that your insurance company isn’t responsive or is forcing you to experience unreasonable delays, make sure that you write emails and letters showing they are causing the delay. Your correspondence does not have to be anything special, just simply leave a paper trail with dates showing your attempts to work with them.

4. Receive the Insurance Company’s Decision

Your insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect the damage or fly a drone over your house to take pictures to make their decision about your claim. They may give you a check for a lower amount than what the damage is worth or deny your claim altogether saying that the damage is not a covered loss under the language of the policy, even though the policy says they do. Insurance companies have actuaries who work on statistics, meaning they crunch the numbers to see what is the likelihood that a policyholder will make a claim, follow through with it, and hire an attorney to fight the claim decision. Since that is the case, if the insurance company refuses to do the right thing, the only option left to protect yourself is to sue them.

5. Hire a Hail Insurance Claims Attorney

If the insurance company is operating at a loss from previous high paying years, they will be especially likely to want to resist paying what they should, so they will oftentimes deny or low-ball claims and hope policyholders don’t hire lawyers to challenge them. Once the insurance company takes its position and you receive a check that isn’t enough money for the repairs or a letter saying your claim is denied:

  • Do NOT cash the check – The check usually says “Full and Final” and if the roofing company or auto repair shop that is actually doing the work disagrees with the amount the insurance company says it will take to fix the damage, you could be waiving your right to more money if you cash it.
  • Hire a lawyer – If you paid your premiums, filed a hail damage claim, and the insurance company wrongfully denied it, you have a case for unreasonable delay or denial. Ramos Law can help you get the compensation you are rightfully owed to repair the hail damage. Tell us about your case to get started!

How to Strengthen Your Hail Insurance Claim

Insurance companies may operate in bad faith, but that doesn’t mean you cannot protect yourself. Here are some tips that could help you with your hail damage homeowners’ insurance claim:

  • When buying a house, the inspector will look at the roof. That paperwork can be very helpful in proving there were no problems with the roof when you bought the house and that the damage is covered under your insurance since it was caused by the hailstorm.
  • When you get insurance, keep copies of the photos of your roof from the initial inspection to better show causation from the storm.
  • The entire process of having the insurance company make a decision on your roof can take three to four months, or sometimes longer. You can suffer increased property damage as you wait to get it fixed, and your insurance company might try to claim the damage was due to wear on your roof before the hailstorm. So do your best to tarp it properly to prevent the concrete or tile from cracking.

Colorado Hail Insurance Claims Lawyers

Don’t let the insurance company get away with unreasonably delaying, denying, or paying less for your hail damage claim. Ramos Law can help make things right for your home or business — let us fight for what you deserve!

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