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GET HOME SAFE initiative

Ramos Law has always been about helping people. Through our GET HOME SAFE initiative, we take our commitment of making a difference to another level. Since 2007 we’ve been using all of our skills and knowledge (medical and legal) to help people who’ve been injured in car crashes get their lives back together physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. We’ve represented thousands and thousands of clients since then and now have added a dimension of service that allows us to live one of core values…Putting Others First!…to an even greater capacity.

For us, GET HOME SAFE isn’t a simple slogan. Rather, it’s a commitment from all of us at Ramos Law to become a RESOURCE…a way for us to be an integral part in two specific groups of people making it home to those that they care about and love. Our two GET HOME SAFE groups include everyone in our community who operates a motorized vehicle of any type (car, truck, bus, semi-truck, motorcycle, etc.) and those who serve and protect all of us through their efforts in law enforcement.

We chose these two groups of people based on our experience as a personal injury law firm as well as our belief that by becoming a resource for drivers and police officers, we’ll have a unique opportunity to express our core values in an area that doesn’t involve our day-to-day work. Our intention in the GET HOME SAFE initiative is twofold, with separate goals for each of our GET HOME SAFE groups.

  • Public Drivers: If you are driving as a “citizen” heading to work, school, recreation, or any other activity, we’re here to provide some important information to help you get home from that journey safely.
      • If you get behind the wheel of a car, truck, or any other vehicle as a way to make a living, we’ll be providing tips and helpful advice for you to get home safe every single day as well.
  • Law Enforcement Officers: Each and every day, our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line as part of their sworn duty. While these brave souls are expected to run toward danger and conflict rather than away from it, there are oftentimes insufficient resources for them to be as protected as they should be when going into harm’s way. Our hope is to work with local law enforcement to provide much needed protective gear that, when combined with the exceptional training these men and women receive, can help them GET HOME SAFE at the end of every shift.

We are so proud to have this opportunity to help people GET HOME SAFE…read on to learn what you can do and share that knowledge with everyone you know who needs to GET HOME SAFE!

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