Ep. 180 | The Future of Genome Sequencing: Determining Vaccine Risk and Personalizing Medicine

August 11, 2023

Colorado Springs

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In this episode of the Ramos Law Difference Makers podcast, we welcome back Ramos Law Director of Medical Sciences, Dr. Don Cooper, as he takes us on a journey through the world of genetics and genome sequencing.

Dr. Cooper discusses cutting-edge medical advancements, focusing on the dynamic field of personalized medicine and the groundbreaking concept of polygenic risk scores. Exploring the realm of whole genome sequencing, he unveils the pivotal role it plays in identifying these intricate genetic variants, He sheds light on how this groundbreaking science has the power to transform medical diagnosis and treatment, as well as the ethical considerations of this science. Dr. Cooper also dives into whole genome sequencing as it relates to vaccine injuries, a type of legal case the team at Ramos Law represents, and its role in unveiling the probability and risk of injury.

Join us on this journey of scientific discovery and ethical exploration on the Ramos Law Difference Makers Podcast!

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Director of Medical Sciences - Ramos Law

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