Ep. 167 | By Hand, With Love, 10 Gallons at a Time: The Business of Ice Cream

May 12, 2023

Colorado Springs

(719) 309-3000

Grand Junction

(970) 287-1173

It’s one SWEET episode of the Ramos Law Difference Makers Podcast! Step behind the counter at Magill’s Ice Cream and learn about the business of ice cream with owner Tom Kinney!

In this mouth-watering conversation, host Dr. Jim Hoven and Tom Kinney dive into the world of ice cream, discussing everything from the challenges of running a successful ice cream shop to the secrets of creating irresistible flavors. As the owner of Magill’s Ice Cream, Tom shares his experience and expertise on how to run a business that not only satisfies customers’ sweet cravings but also creates a memorable experience. From using high-quality ingredients to experimenting with unique flavors, Tom reveals the strategies that have made Magill’s a beloved institution in their community.

Whether you’re an ice cream lover or an aspiring entrepreneur, this episode is sure to inspire and educate you on the delicious world of ice cream. Tune in to Ramos Law Difference Makers and discover what makes Tom Kinney a true difference maker in the ice cream industry.

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Meet The Contributors

Jim Hoven

Director of Operations - Ramos Law

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Tom Kinney

Magill's Ice Cream - Owner