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Unemployment is a state-federal program that provides cash benefits to eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own. In general, benefits are based on a percentage of your earnings over a recent 52-week period.

To apply for unemployment you go to:   https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdle/unemployment  Then, scroll to the bottom right side and there is a place to click “File a claim.”
Because of the number of claims being filed, unemployment is limiting when you can file based on the first letter of your last name.   If your last name begins with the letter A – M, file a claim on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or after 12 noon on Saturday.  If your last name begins with the letter N – Z, file a claim on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or before 12 noon on Saturday.
When you file your claim, be sure you’re ready with information about your employment over the last 18 months including the dates your worked, rate of pay and reasons you are no longer working or your hours have been reduced before you begin your claim. This way you will have all the information you need to compete the form.
While most claims are processed and paid, some claims can be denied by the employer.  In cases where that happens, employees may need to appeal a denial of benefits.  This typically involves a evidentiary hearing via phone to explain why you should receive benefits.
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Unemployment  Laws

Is COVID -19 an ADA disability

No. An employer can request you be tested or ask you if you have COVID symptoms – 19 – the employer MUST keep it confidential but can insist you stay home/not work if it suspects you have COVID-19.  Employers can also withdraw job offers.   Pandemic guidelines take over and CDC rules trump ADA because it is a direct threat to employees/co-workers.   COVID – 19 is not an ADA disability you must accommodate BUT what remains to be seen is what happens after all this and if the employee has residual symptoms after the pandemic is over.

Can Business Owners get Unemployment?

As a business owner, you can qualify for unemployment insurance benefits if you pay yourself a salary or wages in addition to receiving dividends. Expenses cannot be covered by unemployment (including rent) – only wages. You need the government to roll out another incentive to help with those costs.

Contact An Employment Attorney at Ramos Law.

The Ramos Law employment attorneys understand that wage theft and exploitation are certainly not problems confined to just one type or class of employee. For this reason, we make it our practice to act as both a compassionate ear and a strong voice for Colorado’s exploited workers. We can help you find out if federal and state laws apply to your wage and hour situation and fight to get you your unpaid wages.

You work hard. You deserve to be paid for the hours you work. If you think you have not been paid proper wages and overtime, we want to help you. Contact our team at Ramos Law today.

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