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October 29, 2015

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Joana Canals of Colorado’s Best Interview with Dr. Joseph Ramos

A car accident can happen in less than a second, but the battle with insurance companies can go on for years. And you don’t want to fight them on your own. Dr. Joseph Ramos of the Ramos Law Firm was here to let you know that you don’t have to do it alone. He also explains how his background as a medical doctor and lawyer make him unique.

Email or fax him your insurance policy and he will review the policy free and recommend changes. Email Joe [@] ramoslaw.com or fax 303-865-5666. You can also call 303-733-6353 to speak with Dr. Ramos and his team about your personal injury case.

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A car accident can happen in less than a second, but the battle with insurance companies – that can go on for years and it’s not one you want to fight on your own. That’s why Dr. Joseph Ramos, of the Ramos Law Firm is here to let you know that you don’t have to do it on your own.

I was telling you earlier, I saw you on TV, I was working out in the morning and saw you on TV and am like, “He needs to come on our show” and now, here you are – the following week! It’s so nice to have you on!

Thanks for having me! I appreciate it.

So, every time people see your commercials, they see what makes you different. Why don’t you explain what makes your law firm different…

Well, you know, the big thing about Ramos Law is the fact that I’m a doctor. When you’re dealing with these insurance companies, and you’re dealing with injuries, they’re not asking what the law is. They’re asking what the injuries are. The fact that I can discuss injuries with them and actually pronounce the names right (of the injuries) probably makes us different right off the bat in the insurer’s eyes.

Absolutely – so why don’t you go through why being a medical doctor really does matter in a legal case.

Well, the very first thing is that there are very few people that are walking around that have any sort of pre-exsisting condition. Whether it’s arthritis, or prior bulging disc, or something like that, and you have to be able to explain that, and why it is, and why the car crash caused their particular new condition or their new situation and why it’s not “how they are”. Frequently, the insurance companies will say “You know, this wasn’t caused by the car crash – this is how this person was.” And, if you don’t understand the medicine, you can’t explain that. That’s one of the first areas, I’d say, that’s effective.

The second thing that comes along in injury cases is causation. And their always saying, “did this crash cause this, and if it did cause this, what is their future?” As a medical doctor having treated 1,000s of patients over the years, both new, acute injuries, chronic injuries – things people have dealt with for many years – that just goes hand-in-hand – in line exactly with everything I’m doing.

I think that should be a prerequisite to becoming an injury lawyer and having a law firm. You should have both sides! So, do you specialize in any particular injury?

Well, you know, I think the area – the answer is No, we’ll take care of anybody who’s injured, but I think we have a particular strength in complex injuries, catastrophic injuries, injuries that are more serious. The reason being is that there’s so much more that follows a serious injury. What people are forced to live with, what their plan may be. Getting doctors to testify and explain those things. Doctors respond better to other doctors, and when I’m talking to another doctor, and asking him or her, “Hey, what do you think about this for this person’s future?” they tend to be very responsive and very helpful. And I think a much better, truer message comes across as to what that person has to face.

Yeah, that’s so true – medical people, the way they communicate, it’s so unique, and I think they probably have way more respect for you as well.

Well, it’s funny you say that, because my staff always tease me – they laugh, because they try to get an appointment with a doctor and maybe it’s a week before they get a call back and three weeks out for the appointment, and I call and we meet that afternoon and have lunch together, or something – you know – doctors respond better to other doctors.

Absolutely! We do have some visuals that we were going to bring on and I want you to explain what these mean…

Ah, what are we talking about here?

Well, this goes right along with what you and I were just talking about, with doctors responding better to doctors. What’s happened to me is the insurance companies have come to realize that me being a doctor is different. That me being a doctor makes a difference. And what you see here on the screen is now what insurance companies are doing to me – they’re having their counsel file these motions to prevent me from telling the jury that I’m a medical doctor. They don’t want me called doctor in court, they don’t want the juries to know that I’m a doctor and they’re literally filing these motions and limiting me there…

Wow, can they get away with that? Can they do that?

You know, the can, they’ve had a few of these granted, but I have to laugh at the whole thing, and I think it supports – kind of when you asked what makes us different. The fact that these insurance companies have to ask their attorneys to work their tail ends off so that a jury can be tricked into not knowing I’m a doctor, because they know that’s going to be impactful, speaks for itself.

That’s interesting, I’m glad we’ve featured that. So, you’ve had some pieces of advice for people who’ve not been in an accident recently…what’s that advice?

Well, you know, if there’s one thing that your viewers take from today’s show, the thing I’d want them to take from this (that’s not relevant to Ramos Law, because there are probably a lot of people today that aren’t going to have an injury). But, the thing they should take is to make sure that you have proper insurance. We’re seeing people that come into our firm, and there have been some studies across Colorado, some of the studies have said that as many as one in three people don’t have insurance. And I can tell you in our firm that the great majority of people with insurance are underinsured – they buy that $25,000 minimum Colorado policy. And if you’re hit by somebody, with a minimum policy, you’re stuck. The onus is on you. And then, so the message to the viewers is to protect yourself. If you have any doubt whatsoever for what your coverage is, you can email me, you can fax your policy to our firm, you can scan it in and email it to us..and we’ll call you and tell you what you have.

And is that free of charge?

Free of charge. Absolutely! And it’s just a way to help the citizens of Colorado and you don’t want people to get injured, be uninsured, or underinsured and then have to deal with the consequences of that. And we see people all of the time who say, “I’ve got full coverage”. Very, very few people have full coverage…they just don’t understand what they were sold, or what they purchased. And, so we’re here to help with that. So if anybody would like that, please get a hold of us.

Thank you, it’s been a pleasure today – thanks for coming on! You want to send your insurance policy to the Ramos Law Firm today – they will review the policy for free and recommend any changes. You can email your policy directly to Dr. Joseph – his email address is joe@ramoslaw.com. Or you can fax it over, and that fax number is (303) 865-5666.

And if you’d like to speak with Joseph and his staff about your case, or you want to know if you have a case, call them right now at (303) 733-6353. You can also find them online at https://www.ramoslaw.com.