Ramos Law Attorney Colleen Calandra to Speak About Workplace Sexual Harassment at Jeffco International Women’s Day

By February 25, 2019 In The Community
Colleen T. Calandra, JD, LLM, Director of Employment Law at Ramos Law

Attorney Colleen Calandra, director of the employment law division at Ramos Law, will speak at Jeffco International Women’s Day March 8th.

This is the fourth annual event of its kind and takes place from 8:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. at Baldoria on the Water, 146 Van Gordon St., in Lakewood.

Her seminar, titled “What to do when it’s “Me Too” – Sexual Harassment & Bias in the Workplace,” is one of two seminars focused on health and wellness.

“I am honored to be speaking at Jeffco International Women’s Day about a topic I am very passionate about: Sexual Harassment & Bias in the Workplace,” Ms. Calandra said. “It is my goal to educate workers and employers about what is sexual harassment under the law. I also hope to provide some strategies to help employers prevent sexual harassment and empower victims to come forward to report inappropriate conduct in the workplace.”

Two healthy lifestyle tips sessions will also be offered.

Learn more about the events for Jeffco International Women’s Day in the Colorado Community Media news update.

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