Backpacks to Briefcases, 2018

March 22, 2018

Colorado Springs

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Grand Junction

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This year’s Backpacks To Briefcases event was an incredible success for the Adams County Education Consortium, Metropolitan State University and most importantly the 500+ high school students who attended this year’s event. When we were asked to participate at a deeper level this year, all of us at Ramos Law were honored for the opportunity to serve our young people by sharing messages that can help them finish their high school careers strong and propel them to college and beyond!

High schoolers from across the Adams County district converged onto the campus of Metropolitan State University on March 22, 2018. The purpose of the 1-day conference is to help prepare students for success not only at the college level but as working adults as well. Students are taught concepts about many topics from how the clothes they wear affects people’s perceptions of them to how networking plays an important role in a successful professional and personal life. Overall, there were 24 classes taught throughout the day and we had the chance to teach 4 classes as well as be part of the keynote lunch presentation.

In two of the morning sessions, Ramos Law attorney Jakob Brown shared with two different groups of students what it’s like to be an attorney. He answered questions, shared his experience of law school and even gave attendees a sample of the LSAT (Law School Aptitude Test) questions that they could answer and then see how they stack up against college students who take this test as part of the admissions process to law school.

Also teaching two morning sessions, Dr. Jim Hoven (Director of Operations for Ramos Law) shared with students five of the most important characteristics to building a successful future. He talked about the importance of Enthusiasm, Optimism, Determination, Consistency and Detachment in creating the foundation of success.

All four sessions were well attended by over 100 students and the engagement between the students and our team members was very exciting. There were great questions asked in every session and students asked to communicate with both Jakob and Dr. Jim after the event was over.

We at Ramos Law were asked if we would be willing to put some of our people at lunch tables to sit with students and visit with them as well as answer questions about college and “work life”, and to be an example of how to communicate effectively during a meal with friends, business associates, or strangers. Jakob, Dr. Hoven, Ian Corella and Israel Gutierrez all sat at tables with the students to share a meal and talk about everything from the conference to college, the legal and health care professions and the pitfalls to watch out for as college students.

At lunch, Dr. Ramos was one of the featured speakers to share his message of hope to students. During his time on the center stage, Dr. Joe told the teens his story of coming from a small town with an even smaller high school class (8 seniors in his graduating class!) and going to school at the Air Force Academy and eventually medical school and then law school. He shared his philosophy on thinking positively, having high standards and working hard every day to meet those standards, and surrounding oneself with good people as the foundation of successful living. As part of a four-person panel, Dr. Ramos answered questions from the 500+ students where they could ask he and the other panelists questions about anything on their minds.
Following the event, it was clear that everyone had a great time and learned a lot, ESPECIALLY those of us from Ramos Law!

Jakob Brown says, “Being able to share some of the things I’ve learned through the  beginning of my legal career that could potentially help these young people feel more confident in pursuing law or any other field was a very rewarding experience, and I really enjoyed being a part of it”
Dr. Hoven comments, “I was so encouraged by the energy these young people brought to this event. The questions they asked were really intelligent and I could tell that they were hungry for knowledge. Our future is in good hands!”
Ian Corella notes, “I love that backpacks to briefcases creates such a great opportunity to impact the lives of high school students. For these young folks to hear from business professionals how to overcome challenges was really inspiring. No Limits…that’s what I found the big takeaway to be!”
Israel Gutierrez adds, “It was truly an amazing experience seeing how so many students have the desire to succeed and strive to become the generation that makes a difference.”