Adams County Commissioners’ Career Expo

January 31, 2017

Colorado Springs

(719) 309-3000

Grand Junction

(970) 287-1173

Ramos Law, along with 80 industry sectors, attended the Adams County Commissioners’ Career Expo to inform over 5,700 8th graders about future opportunities available. A daunting milestone in a student’s life, the Expo is a first-hand experience to explore career interests and pick the brains of industry leaders. Since a large percentage of 8th-grade students drop out between then and high school, Ramos Law took initiative to participate and increase a student’s perceived need to continue education.

“The Career Expo was such an awesome experience. It was great to see all the kids who were asking questions and showing genuine interest in what we do. It’s refreshing to see the youths in our community excited to learn and that they are already preparing themselves for college and their future careers. The Career Expo was fantastic because it gave us and other companies/organizations a chance to impact hundreds of students. I wish this type of event was something my middle school participated in when I was their age (the students). It would have given us as students a chance to ask questions and learn from professionals in the fields of work that I was interested in. Overall the Career Expo in Adams County was such an awesome and exciting experience, and I can’t wait to participate in the future.”

Students arrived at the Expo with business cards in hand and interview questions on the dial to impress higher education representatives and business professionals.

Brett Cochran, an attorney at Ramos Law, vows to remain inspired and return next year stating, “The Career Expo is an excellent opportunity for students to learn what their passion is in life. It was not just educational for the students but also for the participants involved. There is nothing more rewarding than guiding your people on their path in life. I highly recommend it.”

It is a jumpstart to a student’s educational path, particularly high school, that can better prepare them for a career path upon graduation. The variety of jobs represented opened many eyes and sparked inspiration in the future workforce that stands poised and professional. In addition, students are advised to give their best effort in the classroom and beyond with programs like E9to5, offering internship opportunities. At the end of the event, employers will recognize the top 10% of students who were the most professional, thoughtful and prepared, for a chance to win a prize as the highest rated prospect.

Nonetheless, everyone deserves a chance at their dream career and to be treated fairly as an employee. At Ramos Law, we help employees across Colorado who have been subject to unlawful practices in the workplace. Give us a visit to secure the results you deserve.